Our first trolley(single decker), the green one arrived in Aruba the 12th of December 2012, but started to operate in May 2013, as we were waiting for the track to be ready. This trolley has a capacity of 42 passengers.

Our second trolley to arrive in Aruba is the Blue one(double decker) and arrived on the 20th of August 2013, and started operating in September 2013. With a capacity of 64 passengers.

The third trolley to arrive in Aruba is the Orange one(single decker) arriving the 12th of February 201, and started operating in July 2015. With a capacity of 44 passengers.

The fourth and last trolley to arrive is the Red one (Double decker) and arrived in February 2016, starting operations in March 2016, having a capacity of 64 passengers.

Since 2013 until now Arutram has transported an average of around 200.000 guests per year. From which 90% are tourists. It was and still is the intention to have the tourists and local disembark at our last stop in the mainstreet and pick them up afterwards, giving them the opportunity to shop in our mainstreet. But around a year ago, Arutram started to change it’s Mission and Vision, and it’s form of doing business. We changed form a Transport Company to a Service Delivery Company especially for tourist, offering them an Aruba Experience, instead of a simple ride. On board the guests now are hearing a story about our Downtown and Aruba in general. We are focusing on Heritage and Culture of our beautiful island.

We operate on a track which is 1.9KM and we have a total of 10 stops.( see our route map) 

Until now our operating hours are from 10.00 AM until 4.00 PM, adhering to our Downtown Store Hours. When necessary Arutram will ride until later, but only on special occasions. Our itineraries are published every Monday for the week. Depending on the amount of cruise ships visiting us, we operate 2 or 3 trolleys in a day, having each one their own schedule.

These itinerary publications are done thru our facebook page and our web site. These can have delays when it is raining for instance, we have to get the trolley in the remise until it finish raining. Or when there is a obstruction on the rails, we will have some delays. We are waiting for you to be on one of our trolleys, and have a different experience.

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